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Founded in 1977, Rowan University’s Cinema Workshop is a student-run organization that gives students much more freedom than in the classroom experience in making their own films and video productions, as well as being a vital position in the production of many others. At CW we’re not only committed to the art of filmmaking, but we’re more importantly all here to help and learn from eachother. Here, students have the opportunity to take the skills and techniques learned in production classes and apply them to creative work that can be more personal or larger in scope than what is possible within the confines of a 15-week course of study.

Want to learn how to be a general member? Come look at our general membership requirement form here. (You do not have to be an RTF major)


If you’re curious where the “WORKSHOP” part of “CINEMA WORKSHOP” is all about, then look no further. Workshops are seperate from are normal shoots and are held either during club meetings or if you contact an E-board member. Workshops are held in order to teach a certain component of filmmaking, such as lighting, editing, etc.

Our E-Board is a collection of some of Rowan University’s finest current RTF majors that are here to help YOU! We are dedicated to helping our members become the best filmmakers they can be. Be sure to reach out to one of the E-Board members if there’s anything you wish to learn!


What’s New ?!

48 Hour Hour Film Challenge 10/4-10/6

“From dream to screen in 48 hours!”

In this adrenaline filled shoot, you have one weekend to make a short film in Cinema Workshop’s own version of the 48 hour film competition.

Check out some previous winners of the official 48 hour film competition !




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Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out
— Martin Scorsese

Be sure to come to our meetings at 9:30 p.m. every Thursday in the Bozorth Auditorium, located right next to Rowan Radio. We’ll chat cinema, meet new friends, and help create films that we can all be proud of.

Can't make the meetings? Join our list server where you can get all the info you need about upcoming events and general Cinema Workshop business. Just e-mail us at:

Cinema Workshop is advised by Mr. Sean O'Leary.

Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns at:

Or stop by our office in Bozorth Hall, Room 156!